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Plastic Injection



Mold Dynamics  is a builder of  high detail precision molds, specializing in "optical" part molds that require exacting tolerances for proper focusing of light. Using the latest "high speed" and "hard milling" techniques, very high accuracy and surface finishes can be achieved. This translates to almost no cavity distortion during the polishing process, which is crucial in many of today's high tolerance parts, especially optical parts. High detail is often achieved using micro cutters, with RPM capabilities up to 50,000.

    When an EDM is the best choice, Mold Dynamics has the latest technology machinery, to deliver the best finishes, sharpest detail, and least wear available today.

lens mold
3 Plate.jpg
Mold Dynamics Logo.jpg
16 Cavity Lens.jpg
4 cavty nozzle mold
Stripper mold.JPG
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